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Snacky The Snake

Snacky The Snake is the perfect playground for children imagination
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18 September 2008

Editor's review

The gaming industry has always found itself at the wrong end of the long standing debate regarding the impact made by today’s video games on the minds of children. Those who frown upon the bloodshed, gore and violence involved in most of today’s games, do not hesitate even for a moment to thrash the entire industry for supposedly corrupting the minds of young children all across the globe. Needless to say, such debates often raise the alarm for parents too. Who, after all in their right mind, would like to see their children getting used to violence and bloodshed, even thought only in the virtual world. However, thankfully there are also games, which are perfectly fit for growing up children - Snacky The Snake 2.0 being a perfect example.

Snacky The Snake 2.0, in shot, is one fun of a game designed to boost the imagination of children. The commands and controls are pretty simple, thus ensuring that children of all ages can equally take fun of the game. And as you could expect from a game made primarily for children, ‘Snacky the Snake’ also comes with a pretty attractive, colorful graphics. All the major options are located visibly at the lower part of the screen. The gameplay is held in a two-dimensional board, with plenty of colorful objects scattered all around. The player needs to navigate through the 2D space, and collect various objects laid on the ground in order to pocket points.

All in all, the game is perfect for children of all ages, and it is definitely one of the most prominent titles in the massively popular snake type of games. There is no violence involved in the game whatsoever, and hence there is no worrying factor at all for parents. Thus it receives a score of three rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Snacky The Snake is the perfect playground for children imagination. It is extremely attractive to kids, it has fantastic graphics, simple commands and lots of positive confirmation features.
Snacky The Snake represents a breakthrough in snake type of games. Kids have a full 2 dimensional space to navigate their snake, a beautiful landscape and many tasteful treats to collect. One could hardly name a game that manages to address kids desires and expectations in a way Snacky The Snake does.
It is the cutest little game, with no violence what so ever, charged with great visuals for those young big eyes.
Snacky The Snake
Snacky The Snake
Version 2.0
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